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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

-----What's your quilt shop like? What's the atmosphere/vibe like? What can I expect?-----

Here at DesignZ by Doodle, we pride ourselves on our customer service and hospitality: we like to treat our customers with kindness and warmth, like old friends! In short: no matter who you are, where you come from, what your sewing/quilting skill level is, etc.: you're welcome here!

We're the kind of local shop that makes it a priority to greet every customer who walks in the door and wish them well on their way out. We're not the type to hover over customers as they shop, but we still like to check in here and there while you're shopping in case you do need anything. Of course, we're absolutely willing to help if you're in need of assistance or guidance on fabrics, ideas, information, etc, so feel free to ask for help, no need to be shy!

The only things we don't take kindly to at the shop: rudeness towards our employees or anyone else (we like to treat our customers how we like to be treated, and we absolutely expect the same in return for our employees), and the "Quilt Police" (by that we mean those grumpy, negative quilters who who can never find anything nice to say, put others down, and always criticize a fellow quilter's fabric choices).

-----Do you make quilts for customers? Do you offer longarm quilting services? Who can I contact in regards to quilting/longarm services?-----
Here at DesignZ by Doodle, we sell just about everything you need to make quilts! However, we do not offer quilting or longarm quilting services ourselves.
That being said, we recommend the following local quilters who you can contact in regards to quilting related services here in Eastern NC:

---Floyd The Quilter---
Quilting and Longarm quilting
Floyd Bullock
Office: 252-631-1755
Cell: 910-279-1380

---D&M Embroidery---
Embroidery and quilting
Sheila Covington

-----Do you do sewing machine repairs and/or maintenance services?-----
Yes we do! Our tech, Adam, can clean and oil most sewing machines.

Please keep in mind that currently we can only do repairs on Janome and Singer Featherweight machines due to sourcing parts, the need for proprietary tools, and to avoid voiding any warranties on other machine brands.

-----Do you offer sewing classes?-----
We do! Check our Classes tab or our Calendar tab for more information!

-----Do you do clothing alterations for customers? Can you help me with questions I have about doing my own alterations?-----
While we don't do clothing alterations for customers, we do have an experienced lady on staff named Mary and she should be able to answer questions you have about altering your own projects (she's usually here at the shop on Tuesdays).

-----Do you sell embroidery supplies?-----
Yes we do! We sell various supplies for both hand and machine embroidery, including needles, threads, kits, embroidery software, and more!

-----Do you have an online store? What do you charge for shipping?-----
Yes we do! Click the "Shop Online" button on the navigation bar near the top of the page.

We ship to anywhere in the US for a flat rate of $10, with free shipping for orders over $100. Sadly we do not do international shipping at this time, but it is something we hope to do someday in the future!

-----I would love to make/give a quilt to a good cause, who do you recommend?-----

There are plenty of organizations that take donated quilts to comfort people in their times of need. Here’s just a few that would be happy to take a lovingly made quilt if you’re looking to make & donate one to a great cause!


One Place Onslow Child Advocacy:
Carteret County Children’s Advocacy Center:
Quilts of Valor:
Project Linus:

-----I need to speak with [employee], can I get their contact info? I have a question about the class I'm taking, can I get the instructor's phone number?-----
While we're certain that most customers have the best of intentions, as a matter of shop policy we do not give out the personal information of our employees due to safety and privacy concerns, and this includes personal phone numbers. If you need to get up with an employee, you may contact the shop and we will give them your message and/or have them get back to you.

For class instructors, we do include approved contact information on the class listing so if you have questions about the class's project, you can get in touch with them.

In any case, please be aware that while we absolutely don't mind helping and answering questions for customers and class attendees, we'd like to make it very clear that any harassment or abuses of our employees and instructors will not be tolerated from anyone, anywhere, for any reason.

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*US Shipping: $10.00 flat rate.
Free shipping for orders over $100 
(No international shipping at this time)
Online orders are typically shipped out from our shop within 3-5 business days.
**We reserve the right to cancel the Reward Points Program or refuse service for any customer that is rude or disrespectful to our employees.**